Picturiffic mixes Hangman with photography on Facebook

And the results are pretty fantastic. If you're a longtime fan of the classic letter / word game Hangman (or perhaps you've found new love for the game via Zynga's Hanging with Friends), but want to play against multiple opponents at once on Facebook, iWin's Picturiffic might be the perfect thing for you.

Putting it simply, Picturiffic is an asynchronous multiplayer word game that gives you a Hangman style phrase (with letters missing from each word) and a set of letters that fill in those blanks. These phrases may be educational, teaching you short history lessons, or they may play off of pop-culture and internet jokes. You'll earn points for each letter you play correctly, with each phrase coming with five hearts representing your lives. You'll fill in the blanks from the beginning of the phrase to the end, so if you misplace five letters in a single phrase, you'll be marked as K.O.D. and will be out of the game.

You'll be playing "against" seven other players, but this isn't in real time. Rather, you'll play against seven players that have already completed this puzzle before you, and will then see your score stacked up against their scores at the end. If you make fewer mistakes, your score grows higher and higher and vice versa. You'll earn experience points for each puzzle you play, and can even unlock the ability to create puzzles for your friends as you level up (using your own Facebook photos as well).

Otherwise, your time with the game will be spent in the Game Show mode, where you can choose a category and spend Diamonds to enter the game (along with energy that limits how long you can play per session). Diamonds are earned for free by completing puzzles and energy recharges over time.


When it comes to the categories, these not only determine the subject matter of the phrases you'll be trying to solve, but will also determine what sort of picture shows up underneath your letter bank. As you use letters, more of the picture becomes clear, which in itself serves as a hint to the answer. If that's not enough, you can also use power-ups that narrow down your choice of letters for a particular spot, instantly reveal the next letter and more.

Rounding out the package are premium puzzle packs that sometimes include real world properties like Fear Factor as their theme. While Picturiffic may not have a well known brand name behind it, the gameplay here is incredibly fun, even if it is fairly simple in design. If you're looking for a quick yet satisfying puzzle game on Facebook, this is a great place to start.

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Have you tried Picturiffic on Facebook? What do you think of this combination of pictures and Hangman puzzles on Facebook? Sound off in the comments.

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