House of the Day: Ride Out Armageddon in a Space Station

This year, the Apocalypse is again predicted to arrive, but you might improve your chances if you throw down $2.95 million on this nuclear-bombproof, Armageddon-resistant, space-station home.

The Jamesburg Earth Station in Cachaua Valley, Calif., is a unique, securely-fenced 160-acre property that comes part-and-parcel with a three-bedroom house, a 20,000-square-foot building, a helipad, and a 10-story satellite dish and antenna. You know -- the basics.

The home was constructed by NASA in 1968 to receive transmissions from Apollo moon landings and, the Los Angeles Times reports, it was responsible for transmitting some of the very first images of the Apollo 11 moon landing. History aside, this incredible, sprawling property can apparently withstand a 5-megaton nuclear hit.

"It makes a great place for Armageddon," property owner Jeffrey Bullis tells the Times. Since it's sheltered from the winds and includes its own self-contained air system, the Jamesburg Earth Station would be able to survive a biological or nuclear attack. Which is good to know.

If you're not into all the Armageddon hoopla, that's fine, too. The property, which was tipped off to us by Curbed, is located next door to a family vineyard and situated on 160 acres of rolling, tillable land, is only 20 miles from stunning Monterey, Calif. So it seems to be a fine one whether, you're buying it for self-preservation or not.

Couldn't afford the pricey $2.95 million price tag to (literally) save your life? That's OK, there's still the missile silo home for only $750,000.

Bert Aronson from Keller Williams Realty has the listing.

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