FarmVille Winter Fantasy Items: Bare Crystal Tree, Snow Queen Palace and more

I'll admit: when I saw Valentine's Day items launching in the FarmVille store earlier this month, I assumed that we had likely seen the end of the major releases in the Winter Fantasy theme. It turns out, that was pretty far from the truth, as another large set of items has launched in the store this evening. As usual, there are new animals, trees and more available in this latest update, so follow along with us as we take a look at them!


Bare Crystal Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Bare Crystal Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Frozen Gem Fruit Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Frozen Gem Fruit Tree - 12 Farm Cash

These two sets of trees are just that - sets. You only "need" to purchase the Bare Crystal Tree and Frozen Gem Fruit Tree in order to earn mastery signs for all four of these new trees, as you'll earn the two giant trees for free through Mystery Seedlings.


Snowy Egret - 2 million coins
Crystal Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Giant Frosted Fairy Rabbit - 14 Farm Cash
Frosted Fairy Rabbit - 12 Farm Cash
Crystal Cow - 20 Farm Cash

If you're a mastery sign collector, you'll need to purchase both the regular and the giant Frosted Fairy Rabbits in order to earn both of their signs.


Snow Queen Palace - 25 Farm Cash


Winter Fountain - 10 Farm Cash
Winter Fairy Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Magic Ice Cave - 120,000 coins
Fairy Snowman - 50,000 coins

Hey look! Two coin decorations! It's been a while since we've seen any large items (that is, items that are more than just a fence or gate, as examples) released for coins, so you'll definitely want to take advantage while you can.

Avatar Costumes

Ski Bunny - 15 Farm Cash

All of these items will be available in the store for the next two weeks. As Valentine's Day gets closer, more and more items will be released in that particular theme as well, so make sure you purchase any items you're interested in here before they get buried in a sea of pink and red.

What do you think of these Winter Fantasy items? Will you purchase any of these coin items that were released this week, or are you saving your coins (and even Farm Cash) for the Valentine's Day items? Sound off in the comments.