FarmVille Mystery Game (01/15/12): Endangered animals come to the barnyard


This week's Mystery Game in FarmVille is a bit different, in that it doesn't match any current limited edition item theme in the store. Instead, we're left with a set of six endangered animals (and a decorative animal) to win, with a free dart being given away to many players upon logging into the game this evening. Once you use the free dart, if you'd like to throw additional darts at this week's balloon board, you can do so for 20 Farm Cash per dart (that's a bit more expensive than the normal 16 Farm Cash price unfortunately).

If you take a stab at this week's game, here are the items you'll have a chance of winning:

African Donkey
Brazilian Merganser
Ethiopian Wolf
Florida Panther

If you manage to win one of each of these six animals (keep in mind that duplicates are possible, making the prospect more expensive), you'll receive a free Kakapo item as a special reward. The Kakapo is a pair of birds sitting on a branch, making it a decoration instead of an animal that you can harvest.

If you're interested in winning any of these animals, make sure to play within the next week, as the lineup of Mystery Game animals will switch out one week from this writing. Good luck if you're trying to win them all!

What do you think of these Mystery Game animals? If you played your free dart, which of the animals did you end up winning? Sound off in the comments.