FarmVille: Broken items offer hints of things to come?

Well now, isn't this interesting? This isn't the first time that Zynga has accidentally "released" items to the FarmVille marketplace before they were supposed to be publicly available, but we're definitely intrigued all the same. The folks at FVNation spotted these five items as being broken, but available to purchase within the game's store, and all of them fit into a winter / ice theme.

One item, the Icefishing Hut is specifically labeled as being a part of the Winter Fantasy theme, and is available for 15 Farm Cash. Three other items - a Ushanka Polar Bear, Bow Wolf and Ice Walrus - also cost Farm Cash (16, 10 and 12, respectively), but aren't labeled in any particular theme. Finally, the fifth item, the Fishing Camp, is available for just 5,000 coins, meaning that even if the developers catch their mistakes and remove these items from the store, it's worth purchasing one just to see if you can keep it.

Again, these items are currently broken in the store, meaning that if you decide to purchase them, they'll most likely show up as nothing but black shadows on your farms (this is the case with the Fishing Camp). With the Farm Cash items, there's no guarantee that these items will actually become functional down the line, so I personally wouldn't risk it. However, for the Fishing Camp - why not? At worst, you're out 5,000 coins if Zynga removes the item entirely, and at best, you're allowed to have a goal reward or otherwise exclusive item for an incredibly cheap price!

We'll make sure to let you know if these items are released in legitimate, working order in the game, so keep checking back with us!

[Image Credit: SMTexas]

In the meantime, let us know if you're going to purchase any of these items while they're still broken, just to see what will happen. Will you purchase the Fishing Camp to see if it turns into a cool item later? Sound off in the comments.