CityVille Venetian Palace: Everything you need to know

The second portion of the Great Pyramids event has launched in CityVille, with this second part being the Venetian Palace. This Venetian Palace is available to users level 30 or higher, and this 5x7 building (when completed) will give you a population allowance boost of 6,550 citizens.

As usual, there are three different steps to completing this Venetian Palace building. The first requires you to collect building materials:

  • 12 Stone Bricks

  • 12 Gilded Window

  • 12 Gondoliers Hat

  • 12 Support Beams

  • 12 Gondolas

The Stone Bricks, Gilded Windows and Support Beams are earned through general news posts placed on your wall, while the Gondoliers Hats and Gondolas are earned through individual requests. You can, of course, also purchase these items with City Cash.

In addition to collecting parts, you'll need to upgrade a single Italian-themed business to Level 2. The Venetian Mask Shop, Glass Shop or Venetian Restaurant would apply here. Finally, you'll need to master an Italian Crop to three stars. Either the Raspberries or Glera Grapes count for this task.

When you complete all three of these steps, you'll have a completed Venetian Palace that earns 1,000 coins in profit and offers a 10% bonus for residences and businesses. Of course, this is only the second portion of a three step process to earning the Great Pyramids, and we'll make sure to let you know when the third portion of this event finally launches.

What do you think of this Venetian Palace in CityVille? Are the requirements too difficult, or too easy? Sound off in the comments.