Facebook How-To: Sort your News Feed to one game at a time

UPDATE: The below method no longer works, due to Facebook site changed. Please check out our updated guide to sorting your News Feed!

While Facebook's design may change pretty frequently, many of the social network's most recent changes haven't been for the better of the service's many gamers. In the past (that is, in one of Facebook's many previous versions), we were able to manually sort our News Feeds to show all posts from Games, or even all posts from a particular game. Unfortunately, that's no longer the case... unless you use our Facebook How-To guide to do just that.

What this all involves is actually loading specific Facebook URLs to get around the "Highlighted Stories First" and "Recent Stories First" options. While Facebook will likely change yet again, making these choices obsolete, the following links should work to help you sort your News Feed to a particular game. We've listed many of Facebook's most popular games below, giving you quick access to those games' particular News Feed posts.

Note: As of this writing, many of Zynga's games are undergoing maintenance because News Feed posts simply aren't appearing, regardless of how you try to look at them. If you click on one of the links below and see no posts to click on, that's why - the links themselves are fine.

FarmVille News Feed Posts

CastleVille News Feed Posts

Pioneer Trail
News Feed Posts

Empires & Allies News Feed Posts

The Sims Social News Feed Posts

Cafe World News Feed Posts

News Feed Posts

Hidden Chronicles News Feed Posts

Adventure World News Feed Posts

Diamond Dash
News Feed Posts

Bubble Witch Saga News Feed Posts

Ravenwood Fair News Feed Posts

Ravenskye City News Feed Posts

Bejeweled Blitz News Feed Posts

Want to sort your News Feed for a game we didn't list above? Here's how to do just that.

UPDATE: The method below no longer works. Please check out our updated guide to create your own links.

Step 1) Copy the following URL, as it's the base for all News Feed filters:


Step 2) Load the game you would like to sort your News Feed to. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and look in the bottom left corner where you can see the game's name. Clicking this would normally take you to the game's app page, but don't do that! Just find it, for now.

Step 3) Right Click on top of the name and select "Copy Link Address," "Copy Link Location" or another similar phrase, depending on the browser you're using.

Step 4) In a blank word document, email, browser window (or any other location where you can paste text), paste the URL and copy the long number at the end.

Step 5) Paste this long number back into the "https://www.facebook.com/?sk=app_" above. Go to that URL in your browser and voila! Your News Feed has now been sorted to that particular game!

As we said above, Facebook may undergo more changes in the future and there's the potential that these links will be ruined along with those changes. But for now, use this quick process to more easily find News Posts for your favorite games, and rest assured that we'll update you if and when these links stop working. Happy gaming!

Did you know you could sort your News Feed to a particular game? Will you use these links to do just that? Sound off in the comments.

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