Missing Facebook news feed posts? Zynga's on the case

With Zynga's many Facebook games, one of the easiest ways to get things done is to ask your friends to help you out, typically through general news feed posts you'll place on your wall for all of your friends to see. What happens then, when those posts suddenly stop showing up? Mass pandemonium, that's what! Unfortunately, the above has indeed happened this weekend, with most of Zynga's major games - Cafe World, CityVille, CastleVille, FarmVille and so on - suffering.

Essentially, this glitch has caused some news feed posts to not show up, with no in-game indication that anything has gone wrong. That is, you may ask for a Wood Plank in CastleVille, and the game tells you that your news feed request has indeed been posted, but when you go to check for it elsewhere on Facebook, it simply doesn't exist. Needless to say, this halts your progress, as some of these items can only be earned through news feed posts, and if they aren't showing up right now, you're stuck.

Since this issue is so widespread, you can be sure that Zynga knows what's up. Moderators across the company's official forums are reassuring users that the issue is being addressed. Even the game's support site has been updated accordingly. Under the CastleVille section, for instance, we can see the following:

"Players of multiple games have reported that they are having issues seeing their own Zynga game feed posts or posts from their neighbors. In some cases, older posts for these games have disappeared as well. We understand that posting and collecting from feed posts is an important part of our games. We have notified our engineering teams and they are working on a fix."

Unfortunately, until the fix can be rolled out across Zynga's network of games, we'll just have to take our chances when posting things to our walls. Remember though, if you're posting a news feed request in a game that limits how often you can do so, I'd personally suggest holding off entirely. Sure, you may be lucky and have your news post show up normally, but what if you don't? You'll then be stuck waiting hours (perhaps even after the fix has been rolled out) before you can catch back up. Hang in there, gamers. We'll get through this.

Have you experienced issues with any of Zynga's games today? What games will you play to make up for this downtime? Sound off in the comments.