FarmVille Sneak Peek: Chinese New Year animals coming to Mystery Game?

Well, they might be. All we know right now is that a set of new animals will be launching in FarmVille very soon, potentially as early as tomorrow evening. As Sunday nights mark the Mystery Game rotation, could we see some of these animals released in a Lunar / Chinese New Year themed game? FarmVille Freak has found these images, so we're left to speculate on our own, but we'll do just that.

From left to right in the image above, there's a Thuringian Goat, Mountain Dog, Mongolian Gazelle, Golden Pheasant, Master Goat, Golden Dragon, Sun Bear and Takin. Since that's more than seven items, it goes without saying that not all of them can be found in a single Mystery Game, but perhaps they'll be released in the store tomorrow night all the same. Whatever the case ends up being, we'll make sure to let you know.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

What do you think of these Chinese / Lunar New Year themed animals? Would you pay Farm Cash for any of them outright in the store, or do you hope some of them come in a new Mystery Game? Sound off in the comments.