CityVille: Increase your Goods storage with three new items

As we've all come to learn, Goods storage is one of the most important factors around in CityVille. After all, if you don't have room to store Goods, you won't be able to harvest crops for goals, and if you can't store enough Goods to supply all of your businesses at once, you'll lose money as your businesses sit unused. While there are only a few Goods storage items available for coins in the game (ranging from 100 to 485 Goods of storage each), if you're willing to shell out some City Cash, you can now increase your Goods storage capacity by, well, a lot, thanks to the release of the some fairly new items.

There are three new options available for your Goods storage needs: the Storage Cellar, Red Shack and Oil Rig. The Storage Cellar is the cheapest, costing 78 City Cash and providing a storage capacity of 7,000 Goods. Next is the Red Shack (a red version of the basic Cargo Shed) which costs 100 City Cash and provides storage for 10,000 Goods. Finally, if you're willing to shell out just seven more City Cash - 107 in total - you can purchase the Oil Rig and boost your Goods Storage capacity by a whopping 15,000 units.

Should these items be available for free? Personally, I'd definitely say so. After all, if users can store more Goods in less space on their land (that is, instead of cluttering up their land with coin-based storage buildings), wouldn't that make them more likely to spend City Cash elsewhere, on larger limited edition items in the store? Perhaps not, but it sure would make things easier. If these buildings ever do go on sale for coins, you can be sure that we'll let you know.

Will you purchase any of these expensive Goods storage solutions in CityVille? Sound off in the comments.