Words With Friends helped save a man's life thousands of miles away

Words With Friends
Words With Friends

With a hilarious surprise spot on Saturday Night Live, you and I both know that Words With Friends doesn't need any more press. (Alec Baldwin has certainly done his part in throwing Zynga's word game under the limelight.) But this gem is just too good to pass up: Words With Friends helped save an Australian man's life ... all the way from Blue Springs, Mo., Ozarks First reports. Seriously.

Blue Springs woman Beth Legler was playing a Words With Friends match with a buddy from down under she met years ago through random matchmaking, Georgie Fletcher. During the match, she told Beth that her husband, Simon, wasn't feeling well. As Georgie described her husband's symptoms to Beth, she in turn told her husband, Larry, who happens to be a doctor. Based on what he heard, Larry told Simon (through their wives, we imagine) that he should go to the hospital immediately.

It turned out that Simon had a 99 percent blockage in his heart that, if he hadn't gone to an emergency room that very day, might have killed him. "I've gotta buy that man a beer, he saved my life...I'd really like to put my arms around him and give him a big squeeze," Simon told KCTV 5 News. And here you thought Words With Friends was just another social game. Fine, so what if it still is, but dawww.

[Via Mashable]

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