Top 10 Jobs That Burn Calories

News PhotographerIt's no surprise that losing weight, getting fit and finding a better job are among the most popular New Year's Resolutions (even the U.S. Government tracks this!), but often times, people can't find the time or don't stay committed to exercising and burning those extra calories as the year goes on.

In the spirit of helping job seekers keep their New Year's Resolutions, Glassdoor, a jobs and career community, dug into its more than 6 million job listings to uncover 10 jobs that help people burn fat and get fit, while collecting a paycheck at the same time.

Top 10 Jobs Than Burn Calories
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Top 10 Jobs That Burn Calories

What better way to improve your fitness and maintain it than by training others day in and day out? Being a personal trainer often requires training and certification, but once attained, you'll spend most of your day coaching others on ways of lifting, stretching and other types of exercise. Increase your stamina from head to toe, and get paid for it.

For example, a 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer in San Diego, Calif., recently commented, "You stay healthy while working with like-minded individuals that care about their fitness and health. (Some take it a little overboard)."

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Everything isn't coming up roses with this job. As a professional landscaper, you'll work several muscle groups to weed, mulch, trim and plant around lawns, walks and walls. You'll get fit by using those bicep and shoulder muscles to pull, while working major leg muscles with constant squatting.

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If you want to improve your core and leg muscles, being a retail sales associate often has you standing, walking and literally running around for eight hours. Climbing a ladder may also be required. For increased fitness results, look for retail sales jobs during the holidays, when things are really hectic.

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Just to be a firefighter, you'll need to spend hours cross-training to pass a rigorous fitness test. Because you'll be rushing to save lives in heavy gear and may be called upon to carry people, firefighters must also possess great endurance. This is often achieved by lifting weights to improve leg, chest and arm muscles, while also maintaining speed. Running up 40 flights of stairs in seven minutes is a common practice.

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Today's nanny is on the go! If you want a great cardio workout, a good nanny will keep kids engaged by leading activities and entertaining them, while also running errands and at times, literally running after kids! High energy, dedication and the ability to work long hours is a must.

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From walking tours of New York City to biking tours of Yosemite National Park in California, tour guides can work up a daily sweat and trim their waistline by guiding others in many of the nation's most memorable locations. Your core and overall fitness will get a boost through full body resistance and endurance training.

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Breaking News! Who responds? News photographers, that's who. With fewer newsrooms these days and a 24/7 news cycle, news photographers are on the move at all times to capture life's moments. They're constantly moving, running, rushing and lifting heavy equipment to make daily deadlines. You'll burn some bulge with an 8-hour cardio workout (aka: your normal shift).

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Looking to sweat? From early in the morning until late in the afternoon, Roofers lift, move, tear, cut, cover and carry heavy objects, while maintaining superior balance. Grow your muscles by maneuvering shingles, slate, asphalt, aluminum, wood and more. During summer, you'll burn even more calories working under a blazing sun. Stay hydrated!

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If building big muscle like a bodybuilder is among your fitness goals in 2012, why not go for it by lifting couches, chairs and beds for a living? Furniture delivery drivers carry and maneuver furniture until a client is happy with where it is. You'll use multiple muscle groups daily, tearing down muscle tissue so it grows back bigger and stronger. Combine this with protein supplements to enhance muscle growth even more.

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When how much money you make depends on how fast you run, every second counts. Faster service often means bigger tips, which is why valets burn many calories by literally sprinting back and forth for hours. This on-the-job cardio workout will really trim the waistline, as running is among the fastest ways to lose weight and gain endurance.

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