The Godfather: Five Families update gobbles up Greenwich Village

The Godfather Five Families
The Godfather Five Families

"Hey you, ya don't need Greenwich Village or anything, do ya? Well, don't mind if we do." We're paraphrasing, but that's basically what the families in Kabam's The Godfather: Five Families said when they sauntered into Prohibition Era Greenwich Village. But Kabam didn't update its most recent strategy social game on Google+ with just a new neighborhood. Oh no, when mafiosi hit up new stomping grounds, they do it in style.

Along with the new neighborhood to conquer comes a new estate view for players to enjoy along with new racket buildings to construct and a new consigliere to guide players in their efforts to subvert work with their fellow mobsters. Kabam makes it known that new neighborhoods mean more resources, but more importantly more places to build their mafia army. Of course, players can now attack both friends and enemies using the hired guns from both of their neighborhoods.

Better yet, players can take full advantage of running two neighborhoods by sharing the resources between them. Kabam provides the example of a player's main neighborhood running low on cement. It's as simple as sending cement delivery trucks from Greenwich Village over to your main neighborhood to stock up. While it doesn't sound as if this major update brings many groundbreaking new features, it's a matter of scale. Just be thankful the real mafia doesn't exist to scale anymore. Or do they?

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