Tetris Battle hits the Arena for new real-time multiplayer mode this year

Tetris Battle
Tetris Battle

Is it really surprising that Tetris Battle is one of the best Facebook games of 2011? It's goddam Tetris. The game, created by Honolulu, Hawaii-based Tetris Online, enjoys around 3.1 million daily players. And, according to Inside Social Games (ISG), the studio plans to see that number skyrocket to between 5 and 10 million this year alone. How? Well, new play modes like Tetris Arena might help with that.

Tetris Arena is a play mode within the overarching Tetris Battle that allows players to go head-to-head in real time, using the same playing pieces at all times. Arena has been in closed beta testing with the game's most dedicated fans for some time, and Tetris Online has told ISG that it expects to let the play mode go live as early as Q2 2012, or between April and June. And, oddly enough considering the platform, Tetris Online is targeting the core gamer crowd with Arena.

This mode will be the first in Tetris Battle (and ISG says the first period) to feature a global leaderboard. With global recognition on the line, the company hopes that the Tetris Arena leaderboards will attract the "hardcore" Tetris fans to the game to prove they're the best. Keeping in line with its name, Arena will also have a live spectator mode. Players can check out the Tetris Battle Twitter page to find the password needed to access Tetris Arena within Tetris Battle on Facebook. We'll see whether Facebook becomes the new tournament grounds for Tetris sometime after April (fat chance).

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