Pioneer Trail Hank & Fanny's New Home: Everything you need to know

While Hank and Fanny have had a presence in Pioneer Trail even after leaving for their honeymoon in Yosemite, Zynga has announced that they are just now officially returning to the game by launching an event called "Hank and Fanny's New Home" within the game. This will see you - you guessed it - building a home for the newlyweds on your Homestead. You'll start by placing the foundation of their new home on your land, and from there can work on collecting building materials in order to upgrade it. The home has five different stages of "completeness," each requiring more and more building ingredients.

To start, you'll need to collect:

  • 2 House Blueprints

  • 2 Wood Studs

  • 2 Construction Tools

  • 4 Drafting Pencils

Everything but the Wooden Studs can be earned by asking your friends for help. The Wood Studs, meanwhile, can be crafted using Oak Lumber and Crosscut Saws. You'll need four Oak Lumber (earned by chopping Oak Trees) and three Crosscut Saws (ask friends to send them) to craft a single Stud.

Early on in this event, you'll learn that Fanny has come back from her honeymoon with more than just happy memories of the wedding - she's also pregnant. This all takes place through a series of goals. Here's how to finish them.

A Home of Their Own

  • Talk to Fanny

  • Chop Trees 40 Times on your Homestead

  • Place Hank & Fanny's House

Simply click on Fanny and choose the "Talk to" command to trigger the cutscene where you'll learn she's pregnant. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 200 XP, 200 coins and two Fennec Foxes.

She's Having a Baby

  • Craft 2 Baby Booties

  • Harvest 30 Sunflowers on your Homestead

  • Complete the Construction of Phase 2 of Hank & Fanny's House

At this point, you'll need to have finished the basic framework for their home (which is pictured above), along with the next step in the construction process. This next step requires five House Insulation, two House Framing, five Hardwood Flooring, four Construction Tools, six Drafting Pencils and two Steel Rulers. The House Framing is a craft project made using two Wood Studs and two Galvanized Nails (ask friends) each, while the Steel Rulers are earned at random when collecting the Blacksmith's daily bonus.

Meanwhile, the Baby Booties are crafted using nine Knitting Wools and six Tiny Bowls each. The Knitting Wool comes from tending Sheep. When you complete this entire goal, you'll receive 400 XP, 400 coins and two Pygmy Possums.

Fanny Needs to Relax

  • Collect 2 Schoolhouse Daily Bonuses

  • Tend 25 Standard Young Pigs on your Homestead

  • Craft 1 Molten Cake

A Molten Cake is crafted using three Ganache and 10 Heavy Cream (ask friends). A single Ganache is crafted using eight Garnishes and seven Cocoa Powders, both of which can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. When you finishing this goal, you'll receive 600 XP, 600 coins and a Pigs in a Blanket item.

Prepare for the Housewarming

  • Collect Hoursewarming RSVPs

  • Harvest 50 Crops on Neighbors' Homesteads

  • Craft 2 Bowls of Punch

The Bowls of Punch come from three Cups of Punch and five Orange Slices each. Cups of Punch come from Apple Juice (tend Apple Trees) and Cranberry Juice (ask friends). By finishing this goal, you'll earn yourself 800 XP, 800 coins and two Skunks.

Moving In

  • Harvest 60 Lemon Trees on your Homestead

  • Clear 50 Wildflowers on your Homestead

  • Complete Building Hank and Fanny's House

Finishing Hank and Fanny's House requires you to go through the rest of the building stages on your own. Stage three for example, requires three Eggshell Paints (a crafting item), two Hung Windoes (a crafting item), eight Gardening Rakes, eight Construction Tools and 12 Drafting Pencils, the latter three of which can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. You'll also need two Gardening Kits, which are earned at random by collecting the Flower Shop's daily bonus. The rewards for completing the home and this goal in general are 1,000 coins, 1,000 XP and two Miniature Horses.

All told, this home construction will likely take you quite a while, especially if you're still working on any of the timed goals or other missions released during the holiday season. We'll make sure to let you know if any additional features launch in the quest to complete Hank and Fanny's new home, so keep checking back with us!

What do you think of this Hank and Fanny's New Home feature? Will you start working on their home right away, or will you try to finish some other tasks before jumping into this new one? Sound off in the comments.