This cutesy iPhone game is somehow connected to Habbo Hotel [Video]


We think it's safe to say there's no thematic connection here. Sulake, Finnish creator of social game/online community Habbo Hotel, has announced Niko, a free-to-play (sort of) iPhone and iPad game set to launch on the App Store Jan. 19. In Niko, players control a small, dog-like creature named--what else?--Niko by both platforming and slinging the little bugger through obstacles.

Sulake tells us that Niko, which will feature six free levels up front and 22 more for $1.99, makes full use of the iPhone 4 and 4S's Retina Display graphics as well as multi-touch controls. It's up to Niko to save his friends from the mysterious Otherworld, where they've been held captive by monstrous creatures. And whaddya know, that plot is just loose enough to allow for some insane-looking play through even goofier levels.

And how is it connected to Sulake's Habbo Hotel, again, you ask? Well, we're told that Niko players will be able to earn special items by playing the game that can be unlocked in their own little slice of Habbo Hotel. (We're guessing it works with an account log-in.) Anyway, what matters is that, at least based on the trailer below, Niko looks like a blast. But we'll find that out for sure next week, now won't we?

Are you impressed by or excited about Niko? Is it smart for Sulake to get into mobile games as a means for promoting its biggest property? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.