FarmVille Winter Livestock Pen: Everything you need to know

In the middle of December, Zynga released the Winter Horse Paddock and Winter Cow Pasture in FarmVille, allowing players in Winter Wonderland (or elsewhere) to store their new winter animals in themed buildings. While Horses and Cows are just two groups of animals in the game, that same themed storage has now come to goats, sheep and pigs via the Winter Livestock Pen.

Luckily, if you still have some ingredients on hand from the previous Livestock Pens you've probably built, you can use those here, as you'll need 10 each of Water Pumps, Wires and Steel Beams to complete the Winter Livestock Pen's construction. These items, of course, come from item requests sent to friends, or they can be purchased individually for 1 Farm Cash each. When you finish its construction, you'll be left with a building that can hold 20 goats, sheep and pigs, and will be given a Snow Flake Pig for free.

Afterwards, you can immediately go to work expanding the building to hold more animals, by simply collecting more and more of the three building ingredients above. That is, to expand the first time, you'll need 15 of each item. This takes the capacity to 30 animals, while the next expansion takes 20 of each ingredient and brings the Winter Livestock Pen to its maximum capacity of 40 individual animals.

This still doesn't complete the lineup of animal storage buildings that need to be given winter treatments, but it does get us one step closer. Every little bit counts, right?

What do you think of this Winter Livestock Pen? Did you already build a regular Livestock Pen on your Winter Wonderland farm? Sound off in the comments.