FarmVille Winter Aviary: Everything you need to know


Along with this week's release of the Winter Livestock Pen in FarmVille comes the launch of the Winter Aviary, a storage building specifically themed for your Winter Wonderland farm, complete with holiday wreaths and snow. The Winter Aviary is built in the manner you'd expect: just place the base of one on your farm, and then collect the 10 Clamps, Hinges and Screwdrivers necessary to complete its construction.

These items come from individual gift requests sent to friends, or can also be purchased individually for a single Farm Cash each. When you finish this first construction phase, you'll receive a Snow Chicken for free, and can share one with your friends. The Aviary will hold 20 birds to start, and can then be expanded to hold 30 animals by collecting 15 each of the same three building ingredients above. Finally, the second expansion takes the building to its maximum storage capacity of 40 animals by collecting 20 each of the items.

With the release of this Aviary and the Winter Livestock Pen, we're still missing winter versions of buildings like the Zoo or Wildlife Habitat, but it's great to see these released while we're waiting. We'll make sure to let you know when the rest of the winter-themed animal buildings do eventually launch in the game.

Are you excited to see a Winter Aviary launch in FarmVille, or had you already purchased regular Aviaries for your farm in Winter Wonderland? Sound off in the comments.