Empires & Allies Heavenly Ruler's Palace demands devotion from your soldiers

As the overseer of your very own island empire in Empires & Allies, you might sometimes feel unappreciated by your citizens and soldiers (they are virtually after all). All of that can change this week however, as the game has received a rather... egotistical update in the form of the Heavenly Ruler's Palace. This item serves as a decoration that will give you a 15% bonus on the payouts of all surrounding industry buildings and homes.

What makes this item special, however, is the fact that your Facebook profile picture will show up in a highlighted square in the center of the Palace - it is named for you, after all, the ruler of your island. Unfortunately, this item doesn't come pre-built, as you will need to collect parts to complete it:

  • 12 Gold Statues

  • 12 Marble Pillars

  • 12 Palace Crests

  • 12 Red Carpets

These items are, of course, earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Once it's done, you'll be the proud (well, hopefully proud) owner of a building with your picture on it. It's a seemingly random addition to the game, but it's also kind of fun, right?

What do you think of this Heavenly Ruler's Palace item in Empires & Allies? Will you build one in your empire? Sound off in the comments.