Game of the Day: Cosmic

cosmic game of the day
KA-POW! That's the noise of asteroids smashing into each other at hundreds of miles an hour in open space. In Cosmic, you'll have to do just that, orchestrate the collision of dozens of asteroids, comets, and more. Of course, make sure to look out for tricky black holes that absorb debris. Also, hit one of the destructive stars going super nova and not only will it be game over, but all life in the galaxy will vaporize (pictured above). You're being given a hefty resposibility.

With explosions, asteroids, black holes, and more, Cosmic is totally awesome. Cosmic is a mix of luck and skill; you'll carefully plant your first explosion, and hope that other asteroids smash into it. There's a ton of levels for you to play though, so get started straight away!

Click here to play Cosmic!
cosmic game of the daycosmic game of the day
What level were you able to make it to in Cosmic?
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