CityVille Cruise Ship Upgrades: Everything you need to know


Way back in the Spring of 2011, CityVille saw the launch of the City Port and Cruise Ships that allow you to earn large coin payouts every time you supply and collect from the Cruise Ship that waits in port. After a while, though, the feature fell into the background. In an effort to get users to care once more about their City Ports, Zynga has released new Cruise Ships and City Port upgrades to users that are Level 20 or higher (of course, you also have to own a City Port).

First things first, you'll need to start upgrading your City Port to Level 2, which requires the following:

Gather Parts
Unload Tourists from Alaskan or Scandinavian Tours 25 Times
Unload Tourists from Caribbean or Mediterranean Tours 25 Times

The part gathering task sees you collecting 35 building ingredients. You'll need to collect seven each of Baggage, Check-in Booths, Captain's Hats, Waiting Benches and Brochures. To complete the other two tasks, you can now take part in another new feature - the ability to send your Cruise Ship to whichever location you desire (from a list of five), with each location requiring different amounts of Goods to activate.

Alaskan Tour - 200 Goods; Lasts 8 Hours
Scandinavian Tour - 300 Goods; Lasts 12 Hours
Caribbean Tour - 500 Goods; Lasts 1 Day
Mediterranean Tour - 750 Goods; Lasts 2 Days

When you complete your first upgrade, your City Port will be a Level 2 Port, unlocking the Delucxe Cruiser ship to be purchased from the game's store for 500 coins. It offers a 1.5x payout on coins, depending on which Tour you purchase with your Goods. In comparison, the basic Little Liner only costs 100 coins and has a 1x multiplier.

You can continue to upgrade your City Port to Level 3 after this point, but you'll need to collect 12 each of five different building materials, instead of just seven. One final perk of upgrading your City Port is the fact that it become longer, allowing you to purchase larger boats for the sides.

What do you think of these CityVille City Port and Cruise Ship upgrades? Sound off in the comments.

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