Backyard Monsters sets Facebook ablaze with Inferno expansion

Backyard Monsters Inferno Moloch
Backyard Monsters Inferno Moloch

Backyard Monsters, social game maker Kixeye's pride and joy with 2.3 million monthly players, will take players deep, deep underground starting now. The developer announced Backyard Monsters: Inferno, the first full-on expansion update for its flagship social game on Facebook. Inferno introduces a new storyline (and a new villain) that sends players into the depths of their world.

Players enter the lair of Moloch, a seriously gruesome-looking beast. Ignore the fact that the monster is entirely naked save for a cape that he insists to wear. That thing looks intense. (And how is he holding that bloody skull with hooves for hands?) At any rate, players must venture deep into Moloch's lair to establish and fortify a base camp through which they'll take the fight to this hoof-handed, bone-winged slithering beast ... thing.

Whoever handles Backyard Monsters' character design: Just keep doing what you do, seriously. "Our users are fanatical about Backyard Monsters, so we wanted to give them an entirely new realm to wreak havoc in," executive producer David Scott said in a statement. "Not only have we created a whole new world to explore, but we've added a slew of new monsters and buildings...and there's a whole lot more to come in the next several weeks."


While the Backyard Monsters play style is largely unchanged with this release, Kixeye promises that a slew of new features are on the way, including Monster Fossils, synchronous maps and new Monster Champions. And if those features are anywhere near as badass as how these beasties look, then consider us sold.

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