5 Tips To Help Land That Dream Tech Job

how to get dream technology job industryBy Melissa Santos

You see those 'dream jobs' listed all the time – sought after roles, interesting products or services, great company, culture, and perks. You may be fortunate enough to hear back from some of the companies for an informal conversation, or better yet, brought in for an interview. Then, all of a sudden for one reason or another, you're passed over, left to wonder what happened and why it was not the right fit. Sound familiar?

According to a recent Dice.com survey, 65% of surveyed IT-focused hiring managers plan to hire more people in the first six months of 2012. Of that group, 27% expect hiring to expand their staffs by more than 20%. So there will be tech jobs available in early 2012 for you to consider. Question is – how are you going to stand out from the pack and land that dream job?

Before your next interview, consider these five simple tips that can assist in securing the job of your dreams.

Be Educated

Learn as much as you possibly can about the company, industry, products, competitors, and technology you will be working with. The Internet provides a great wealth of information to help you better prepare yourself for phone and in-person interviews. Have questions already prepared that demonstrate your familiarity with what the company does and how the role fits in.

Be Willing

Don't be surprised if you're asked by a potential employer to complete a project during the interview process. Whether it is having you complete a sample coding project or build a site or app, show your potential new employer that you are willing to take on challenges thrown at you. Have fun with the project and your potential employer will take notice and remember you.

Be Flexible

Technology companies are fast moving and dynamic. Stand out from others by being flexible. Express to a potential employer your ability to not only handle change, but also, that you thrive during it, and watch their eyes light up. Provide examples from your experience of when you've been agile and how your technical skill set, personality, and character allow you to succeed during times of change.

Be Respectful

Whether you know it or not, you're being judged from the minute you begin a relationship with a potential new employer. Treat each interaction like it is the deciding factor whether you will land the job or not – because you never know which moment might win or lose you the job. Don't forget to follow up the interview with sincere thank you messages, reinforcing why you would be a good fit.

Be Enthusiastic

Demonstrate that you will be able to easily thrive in the company culture. Great technology companies pride themselves in creating unique, personal corporate cultures and are careful to protect them. They want people who can not only do the technical work needed, but can also play an important role in nourishing the company's culture. Make sure your personality shines and the potential employer can perceive the value you will add to the company, not only from a skill and knowledge standpoint, but also from a human and team perspective.

Remember these five tips when you begin your next search for that dream tech job. Small changes in your approach to the recruitment process can help you land a position with that great tech company. Make sure you are fully prepared to stake your claim and win that dream job. Good luck!

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