The Sims Social Black and White Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Black Rose Bush
Now that the new themed update is finally live in The Sims Social, things have taken a much darker turn in Playfish's hit social game. The new weekly theme is titled "Alice Madness Returns," and it contains a litany of new, decidedly twisted items for players to collect. But more importantly, a new weekly quest has arrived for players to complete: "Black and White."

In this new five-part quest, players will have five days to complete tasks that essentially amount to Lewis Carroll's second story in the Alice in Wonderland universe, "Through the Looking Glass." For this rather taxing series of tasks, players will need at least seven neighbors, 1,000 Simoleons, five Goodwill, seven Playing Cards, one piece of clothing from the new collection, a mailbox and a stove. Here's how to finish "Black and White" as quickly as possible:
Black and White Part 1
Black and White Part 1
  • Have 5 Goodwill
  • Buy 1 Piece of Clothing from New Collection
  • Visit the White Queen

To receive Goodwill, you must perform friendly actions with your fellow Sims or ask them directly for more. The cheapest piece of clothing from the new collection will cost 1,000 Simoleons, and there's no way around spending it. The White Queen is Bella during this quest, so just visit her house.
Black and White Part 2
Black and White Part 2
  • Ponder Who Imprisoned White Queen
  • Collect 5 Clues
  • Check Mailbox after 24 Hours

In your Sim's home or any Sim's home, just click on any piece of furniture that can be sat on and choose the "Ponder" option. You must do this on five different pieces of furniture. To collect the five Clues, click on five different pieces of furniture from this week's theme and choose the "Ah-Ha!" option--this all can be done at Bella's house. You must literally wait 24 hours before completing this final task using the option "Collect Fingerprints."
Black and White Part 3
Black and White Part 3
  • Ask 5 Sims about Queen's Hallmarks
  • Have 7 Playing Cards
  • Find 7 Hallmarks

The first task is as simple as visiting five different Sims and choosing the "Know Queen's Hallmarks?" option when clicking on them. While you wait for responses from the News Feed you can post asking for these Playing Cards, you can also find them in your Sim's yard by clicking on Grey Hedgehogs and Piles of Playing Cards. Hallmarks are found by clicking on pieces of furniture from this week's collection, and Bella has plenty of those in her house.
Black and White Part 4
Black and White Part 4
  • Search for Vorpal Sceptres
  • Ask 7 Sims about Vorpal Sceptres
  • Forge Vorpal Sceptre in Stove twice

Use your Sim's computer to "Search Vorpal Sceptres" five times. Visit seven of your friends and choose the "Know What a Vorpal Whatsit is?" option. The Vorpal Sceptre forgings must be completed within 47 hours of each other, but you can only forge it the second time after 24 hours have passed. In short, you must wait a day before you can complete this task.
Black and White Part 5
Black and White Part 5
  • Ask 4 Sims if They Believe in You
  • Become Inspired
  • Use Vorpal Sceptre to Free the Queen

When visiting four different Sims, just choose the "Do You Believe in Me?" option when clicking on them. To become inspired, simply fulfill all of your Sim's basic needs to their fullest. The final task is simple: Visit Bella's house and click on the Cheshire Cat statue and choose the "Insert Vorpal Sceptre" option. After finishing this quest, you'll score a Black Rose that features changeable rose buds.

[Source and Image Credit: Sims Social Fansite]

Have you started the Black and White Quest in The Sims Social yet? What do you think of Alice in Wonderland themes so far? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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