Lawsuit Accuses John Elway Car Dealership Of Racial Discrimination

John Elway Manhattan Beach Toyota racial discriminationFormer Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway has been named in a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination at one of his auto dealerships in Southern California.

The suit, filed Monday by former sales manager Timothy Sandquist, accuses the general manager of Elway's Manhattan Beach Toyota outlet of racial discrimination, harassment and maintaining a hostile work environment toward minorities, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In the suit, Sandquist, who is black, also alleges that he was paid less than his white peers and was repeatedly passed over for promotions and raises. He worked at the dealership for 11 years before resigning last year.

In addition to Elway and the dealership's general manager, Darrell Sperber, the suit names Elway's two business partners.

An attorney for the dealership denied the allegations and said the complaint contained many factual errors, the Times reports.

The lawsuit charges that Sperber created a hostile work environment through "rampant harassment and use of racial slurs."

Sperber allegedly encouraged dealership staff to make demeaning and vicious racist comments about non-white customers who chose not to purchase a vehicle, according to a statement released by the law firm representing Sandquist.

Sandquist is seeking unspecified damages that include back pay and punitive damages, according to the Times report.

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