Game of the Day: Cheepers

Cheepers Level 2-3
Cheepers Level 2-3

Today's Game of the Day, Cheepers, is an indie title that's got the charm of PopCap's Chuzzle and plays a bit like billiards. DrDerico built it with 25 levels of fun and challenge. Here's how it works:

On the right side of each level is a box that tells you how many of those manic-eyed, colorful fuzzballs
you've got to knock off the board. Under those fuzzballs is a big orange one that works as a timer. If you can't nail all the balls that they ask for before the color drains from the timer, then you lose the level.

Eliminating balls means forcing the ones with the same colors to strike each other. When hit, those balls will disappear. There are achievements you can get if you nail more than two balls at a time, which creates combos. Setting balls in motion involves picking a direction and deciding how much push you want to give it. As the levels increase, obstacles start to appear, and bouncing those fuzzballs around becomes harder.

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Cheepers achievement trophy

How many levels and how high a score did you get in Cheepers?