FarmVille Valentine's Day Items: Cinnamon Heart Tree, Rose Unicorn and more

With Valentine's Day just about a month away, it's time for FarmVille to start rolling out the hugs and kisses (virtually, that is) in the marketplace, and while there are just a few items available so far, you might already have a couple of them on your farm.


Cinnamon Heart Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Heart Candy Tree - 15 Farm Cash

Both of these trees are re-releases, so you might have them already on your farms. The Heart Candy Tree can be earned from mystery seedlings either way, so there's really no reason to purchase one.


Rose Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash
Valentine Mini Horse - 26 Farm Cash

The Rose Unicorn has a gray body, which is actually a bit disappointing, but it's still a very lovely animal overall.


Valentine Gnome - 12 Farm Cash

This Valentine Gnome is a gnome dressed in a heart-shaped box of candy - cute!

So far, all of these items will be available in the FarmVille store for the next two weeks. It's likely that this is just the first of many updates that we'll see between now and next month, so keep checking back with us as we bring you all of the details about those future releases!

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What do you think of these Valentine's Day items released in FarmVille? Is it too early to celebrate Valentine's Day? Sound off in the comments.