CityVille: Help citizens in your town for instant rewards


A new feature has slowly started rolling out to CityVille, mayors. If you're scanning your town and happen to find a citizen with a question mark or exclamation point in a thought bubble over their head, you'll know this feature has now rolled out to you! This "helping citizens" feature allows you to receive instant goals from these individual citizens, which can then be completed for some experience points and coins.

For the most part, these tasks are incredibly simple, and have you simply harvesting or supplying a certain business / community building (a Post Office or Bakery, as examples), or ask you to harvest a single square of a particular crop. These crop tasks can take a bit longer, as you'll need to wait for the crop to grow in most cases, but this is still an easy way to keep yourself busy if you don't have many goals on your plate at the time.

Of course, you can also skip these goals entirely by simply clicking on the citizen and then clicking on skip in the tiny menu that appears over their head. You'll receive additional goals in the future, so don't feel pressured to complete each and every one that comes your way. If these goals receive any special rewards (that is, that make them a bit more worthwhile), we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of this helping citizens feature in CityVille? Sound off in the comments.