Cafe World: Timers removed from Cook-a-Thon and VIP-a-Thon goals


Chefs rejoice! Zynga has bowed down to the many suggestions and complaints from Cafe World users, who were dissatisfied with the amount of time (or lack thereof) given in the Cook-a-Thon and VIP-a-Thon cooking events in the game. It may have taken a while for us to come to this point, but if you're still working on either feature, you can now do so at your leisure, as Zynga Community Manager Raijinn has confirmed (via the game's forums) that time limits on new goals in both of these events will be nonexistent.

"We've removed the timers for Cook-a-Thon and VIP-a-Thon quests, all new quests that you get from either of these questlines will not have a timer and you can finish them at your leisure. Enjoy!"

This change comes just as the Joe and Lisa wedding event launches in the game, and it also brings with it a boost to stove capacity for all users level 20 and above - if you're above level 20, you can now have three more stoves in your cafe! Remember, as stove slots unlock as you level up, this is actually a great boost, as you can now cook three more dishes at a time than before! Sure, unlimited stove slots would be great, but we'll take any improvement where we can get it. Happy cooking!

What do you think of these changes in Cafe World? Will you actually try to finish the Cook-a-Thon goals now that they have no timers? Sound off in the comments.