TSA Agents Get Jail Time For Stealing $40,000 From Bag

TSA agents jailed stealing moneyWith stories of strip-searched grandmas and spontaneous molestations, some members of Congress set out to curb the powers of the Transportation Security Administration officer. And on Tuesday, their case gained credence once again, when two TSA officers were sentenced to six months in jail for thieving $40,000 from a passenger's bag.

Around a year ago, 44-year-old Coumar Persad was X-raying checked baggage at John F. Kennedy Airport, and noticed that one suitcase contained a giant load of cash, according to prosecutors, and reported by The Associated Press. He called up his friend, 31 year-old Davon Webb, who was in the baggage belt area. Webb tagged the bag with tape, and Persad went and emptied it of the money.

The duo then met in a bathroom to divide up the bounty, which police later found at their homes -- an amount totaling $39,980. The men pleaded guilty to grand larceny, obstructing governmental administration, and official misconduct, and were sentenced to six months in jail and five years of probation, according to the Queens District Attorney's Office.

This is something of a shift for the TSA. Usually its agents are in the news for leaving things in bags, not for taking stuff out.

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