Pirates: Tides of Fortune raids Google+ Games exclusively for 30 days

Pirates: Tides of FortuneWell, at least for native English-speaking folks. Israeli social game maker Plarium's Pirates: Tides of Fortune has been available on Russian social network Vkontke for a bit, but will be exclusive to Google+ for Western social gamers for the next month. Pirates is a social strategy game, seemingly in the same vein of games like Kixeye's Battle Pirates or Kabam's Edgeworld.

Players will rise from the ranks of mere prisoner to the greatest pirate that ever lived by amassing a fleet of vessels stocked with an army of swashbucklers. Much of the game features full voice work, which will certainly grab players' attention. At first glance, the game sports plenty of animation and one hefty story. In Pirates, players will have to build their own pirate coves, but more importantly defend them from both friends and enemies.

Like in almost all social games, players are driven by goals to accomplish from as small as "Build this Structure" to as daunting as "Defeat the Enemy." While exclusive Google+ launches certainly aren't a first for social game companies, it still begs the question: Why Google+? "Google+ is a great network for reaching these audiences," Plarium business development manager Leonard Frankel told Inside Social Games. "The feel of the platform complements complements the fun experience Plarium offers in its games and they were a natural partner for us in this path."
Pirates in action
Pirates: Tides of Fortune will be available on Facebook and elsewhere shortly after its exclusivity with Google+ ends. Plarium's strategy social game faces some touch competition in that increasingly crowded genre. However, bullet points like attractive graphics and impressive voice overs certainly give Pirates an edge.

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