Playfish: Sorry, no The Sims Social update tonight, technical issues

The Sims Social technical issues
The Sims Social technical issues

If you were expecting an update to The Sims Social tonight, like most Wednesday nights, don't hold your breath. Playfish community manager britgirls announced that there will be no update to the London-based studio's top Facebook game. The company promises, however, that new content release tomorrow at midnight GMT.

"Due to a technical issue, we'll be releasing the next theme and items on 12th January P.M. (instead of the usual midnight GMT release time)," britgirls wrote in a forum post. "We're sorry for the delay, but this cannot be avoided." According to Sims Social Fansite, the update that was supposed to release tonight is an extension of the existing Alice's Dreamland Theme, but with all new items, clothing and a new weekly quest for Sims to conquer.

Playfish wasn't any more specific as to why the update has been pushed back a day nor do we know much about what the update will contain. However, we do have an idea of what next week's update to The Sims Social will include. While still in the realm of speculation, drivable cars--like a Simlified (?) Toyota Prius V--could finally make their way to the hit Facebook game next week. And that alone sounds like more than enough to make up for "technical issues."

Are you bummed that you'll have to wait another day for new content in The Sims Social? What do you make of the recent rumors of cars coming to the game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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