Ngmoco teams up with Glu Mobile, ropes Gun Bros into Mobage

Gun Bros
Gun Bros

We thought we'd never be excited to see a bunch of bros. Ngmoco, the mobile game maker that helped bring Japanese social game giant DeNA's Mobage mobile social game network to Western players, has signed quite the deal with Glu Mobile. Also a creator of mobile games, San Francisco, Calif.-based Glu Mobile will release its popular Gun Bros game to Mobage.

However, no other Glu Mobile games have been announced for release on Mobage. Gun Bros is a full 3D shoot 'em up game known best recently for its particularly pricey in-game transaction items. The game is available for iPhone and iPad, along with Android devices and Facebook. However, the game will only be available through Mobage on Android. Why?

Well, Mobage isn't available anywhere else in the U.S. at the moment, though DeNA and ngmoco promise that a version for iPhone and iPad is coming soon. What deals like this show is that DeNA looks to bring more games to its Western version of Mobage that are more relevant or recognizable to its audience.

And ngmoco has made quite a bit of headway in that regard, reeling in mobile hits like Pocket God, Tiny Tower, MapleStory and more for Mobage in recent months. iPhone availability or not, DeNA and ngmoco are strides ahead of Japanese competitor GREE and OpenFeint, which have yet to release their Western mobile social game network. And what about Apple's Game Center? Anyone else starting to feel claustrophobic?

[Via TechCrunch]

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