FarmVille Winter Wonderland Chapter 5 Goals: Everything you need to know

I hope you're almost finished with the goals currently available in FarmVille, as a completely new chapter of Winter Wonderland goals are about to launch in the game! This chapter 5 series deals with Yetis, with FarmVilleFreak reporting that there are 12 goals in all. Of course, you'll likely be timed to a two-week time limit for completing all of these goals, so here's our complete guide to finishing them all!

A Winter Caper

  • Get 5 Classified Ads

  • Harvest 110 Snow Tulips

  • Harvest the Polar Station

For this Classified Ads task, and all other "Get X item tasks," you'll need to ask your friends to send you these items via either general news posts or individual requests to your friends. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 100 XP, a Messenger Sheep and 2,500 coins.

A Feather-Brained Scheme

  • Get 4 Carrier Pigeons

  • Harvest 120 Frozen Grapes

  • Harvest 1 Messenger Sheep

Reward: 200 XP, Noir Tree, 2,500 coins

Inspector Penguin

  • Get 4 Bowls of Soup

  • Harvest 130 Snow Tulips

  • Craft Lollipops Twice

Lollipops can be crafted inside your Sweet Shoppe, using two Snow Tulip, two Frozen Grape and three Blueberry bushels each. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 300 XP, a Snowmobile and 2,500 coins.

Elf and Order

  • Get 5 Magnifying Glasses

  • Harvest 140 Iceberg Lettuce

  • Harvest 1 Noir Tree

Reward: 400 XP, Mini Arctic Fox and 2,500 coins

Wonderland Street

  • Get 6 Missing Posters

  • Harvest 150 Holly

  • Harvest 1 Mini Arctic Fox

Reward: 400 XP, Snowball Tree, 2,500 coins

Ice Scene Investigation

  • Get 6 Testimonials

  • Harvest 150 Mint Candy

  • Achieve 1 Star Mastery of Messenger Sheep

Reward: 400 XP, Skiing Gnome, 5,000 coins

The Sasquatch

  • Get 7 Pairs of Mittens

  • Harvest 170 Iceberg Lettuce

  • Harvest 1 Snowball Tree

Reward: 500 XP, Kitten with Mittens, 5,000 coins

To Catch a Sasquatch

  • Get 8 Boxes of Sasquatch Bait

  • Craft Rock Candy Twice

  • Harvest 1 Kitten with Mittens

The Rock Candy requires two Snow Tulip, two Holly and two Sugar Cane Bushels for each batch. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 500 XP, a Sasquatch Statue and 5,000 coins.

To Help a Sasquatch

  • Get 9 Sasquatch Sized Shoes

  • Harvest 190 Carrotcicles

  • Achieve 1 Star Mastery of Mini Arctic Fox

Reward: 1,000 XP, Inspector Penguin and 10,000 coins


  • Get 10 Sasquatch Flakes

  • Harvest 200 Iceberg Lettuce

  • Harvest Inspector Penguin Twice

Reward: 500 XP, Yeti Cave, 5,000 coins

Sasquatch Care 101

  • Get 11 Ice Toothpicks

  • Harvest 200 Iced Rice

  • Make the Healthy Donuts Recipe 4 Times

The Healthy Donut requires a four-star Sweet Shoppe, and three Iceberg Lettuce, three Carrotcicle and two Pattypan Bushels to craft each. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 500 XP, a Beluga Whale and 5,000 coins.

Welcome Home

  • Get 12 Party Whistles

  • Harvest 200 Ginger Bread

  • Master the Inspector Penguin

When you complete this final goal in Winter Wonderland's Chapter 5, you'll receive 1,000 XP, an Ice Yeti and 5,000 coins. Good luck completing them all in time!

What do you think of these upcoming Winter Wonderland goals in FarmVille? Sound off in the comments.