Atari (developers) gets busy, churn out mobile games monthly in 2012

Atari Greatest Hits
Atari Greatest Hits

Did you dig Asteroids Gunner? How about that Breakout Boost joint? If the answer is "Yes diddly doodly!" then you're in luck. Speaking with Inside Mobile Apps (IMA), Atari reiterated that its focus on mobile games will continue throughout 2012. So much so, in fact, that the developer-turned-publisher expects to release at least one game a month this year ... at least.

The lot of those games will be based on the publishers breadth of recognizable properties (you know, like Asteroids?), but the storied publisher admits that even those can't last forever. "We have a great portfolio, but it's only so big and only certain titles will translate well to the mobile platform and we're very well aware of that," Atari VP of mobile games Maria Pacheco told IMA. "Our intention is definitely to begin introducing original IP."

Just how does Atari plan to put out at least 12 games this year? It's a publisher now, dummy. Atari will just hire developers to create games based on its hit franchises, which so far has been a hit and miss approach, if you ask this writer. Regardless, Atari's efforts seem to be working swimmingly: Breakout Boost has been downloaded 2 million times since its December launch. The publisher will reveal more in "the next few weeks about working with developers who have been passionate about Atari brands."

Are you psyched to hear that (a lot) more mobile updates to Atari classics are in the pipeline for 2012? Which Atari game are you hoping gets the mobile makeover next? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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