The iPad is the number one gadget for playing Angry Birds, fans say

Angry Birds iPad caseYou would figure the place where gamers could get their Angry Birds fix on the cheap would be most ideal, but nay. It looks like players just can't get enough of that extra screen space. According to a poll Rovio held for its 11.7 million Facebook fans, the most ideal device for playing Angry Birds is the iPad. Over 11,000 fans responded to the divisive question.

While we don't know exactly how many fans chose which device, 11,352 responses is quite the sample size. Following Apple's oh-so-expensive tablet were, surprisingly, Android phones. Finishing out the top five gizmo's to play Rovio's beloved bird-flinger on were the iPhone, followed by the iPod Touch and the Kindle Fire.

Considering Angry Birds HD for the iPad costs $4.99, compared to a mere $.99 for the iPhone, one has to imagine that the major draw of the iPad experience is the expanded screen space. That said, it's surprising more tablets didn't make the list, but equally impressive that the Kindle Fire, which has been on the market for less than two months, managed to place.
Top 5 Angry Birds Devices
Who knows, maybe all of these iPad lovers are playing the free version over and over again, or maybe they've simply settled for the universal version. One thing is for sure: If you consider yourself a true Angry Birds fan, you gotta try it out on an iPad. And if you don't have 500 bucks lying around, just "borrow" your friend's.

[Image Credits: Rovio, Techviva]

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