Traffic Agent With Hundreds Of Dollars Of Unpaid Tickets Is Arrested

traffic agent unpaid parking tickets arrestedAs a New York traffic agent, Olatakumbo Erinosho's job involved writing tickets. So it was a little unprofessional for Erinosho to rack up over $450 in parking tickets herself. And it was illegal for her to try to prevent authorities from towing her 2007 Cadillac Escalade on Monday morning.

When a person owes more than $350 in outstanding parking violation fees, New York authorities may seize the vehicle. And that's what they tried to do to Erinosho's car before dawn, reports The New York Times. It was then that Erinosho started swinging at the marshal, saysDNAinfo, or in the words of Paul J. Browne, the chief NYPD spokesman, she: "interfered with and resisted their lawful efforts...."

Erinosho, 39, was arrested during the episode, the Times says, and faces charges for obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The incident raises several questions, like: Is it ethical to issue tickets when you have hundreds of your own, unpaid, at home? And how can a traffic agent, who's highest base pay level in New York is $40,776, afford a truck that costs around $28,000?

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