Plan your Sim's dream home with this The Sims Social room planner

SnagHitter appAlright, so it's an unofficial application, but somebody had to do it. Sometimes, redecorating or planning out your Sim's home design in The Sims Social is tough when you're in the thick of it in-game. But thanks to Estonian app developer Siim Andreson, now you can plan the layout of your Sim's home long before you try to make the adjustments as you go along in the game.

It's called SnagHitter, and free-to-use app basically acts as an interactive blueprint for a Sim's home in Playfish's top social game. (Well, more like a greenprint, but who's counting, eh?) The app places the average Sim home in a neat little grid, and allows users to add and remove expansions as they please to match the current breadth of their property in-game.

On the right, however, is where this app really shines by providing basically every possible room design in-game right now. Users can choose throw these rooms into their own special green space, manipulate them by rotating and drag them anywhere they please on the grid layout. Unfortunately, you can't save layouts at the moment, but that's what screen shots are for, no? Give it a shot: The end result just might be your Sim's next dream home.

[Via Sims Social Fansite]

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