Pioneer Trail Tunnel of Love: Everything you need to know

Walk into most major department stores over the next few weeks, and you'll be hit in the face with an overdose of pink, purple and red, well... everything. That can only mean one thing - Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and whether you're currently single or not, Pioneer Trail has also gotten into the festivities early with a new feature called Tunnel of Love.

The Tunnel of Love features a set of goals that will be released on a once-per-day basis. There are 12 goals to complete in all, with four goals being split into three different groups. Along the way, you'll have access to 10 new decorations, either as rewards for completing these goals or as general purchase items in the market, and these goals can only be completed once. Of course, before you can actually send folks on your Homestead through the Tunnel of Love, you'll need to build it first.

Building the Tunnel of Love requires 10 each of Swan Feathers, Romance, and Sugar and Spice. These are earned through general news posts placed on your wall. You'll also need 15 each of River Water, Cutout Characters and Sappy Music, all of which can be earned through individual requests sent to friends. Once that's done, you can help your Homestead fall in love this season. Here's a complete guide to these 13 goals (the first is an overarching goal for the entire event) and the rewards you'll receive for completing them.

A Romantic Ride

  • Complete the Tunnel of Love

  • Harvest 250 Chocolate Hearts

  • Complete all 12 Tunnel of Love goals

This is the over-arching goal in the series, with Chocolate Hearts being grown on bushes. You can send these to friends (and of course receive them) via the Free Gifts page. You'll also receive some as in-game rewards. For finishing this overall Tunnel of Love goal, you'll receive 1,200 XP, a Loverly Sheep (yes, Loverly) and a Romantic Cafe Table.

The Tunnel of Love Goals

Committed to Love

  • Tend 35 Non-Rideable Horses

  • Craft 2 Wooden Heart Fences

  • Harvest 45 Corn

The Wooden Heart Fences are made using four Pine Wood (chop pine trees or ask friends) and two Carpenter's Planers (ask friends) each. Your rewards? 800 XP, a Horse Ready Boost and a Wooden Heart Gate.

Spread the Love

  • Harvest 30 Neighbor Peas

  • Clobber 6 Groundhogs

  • Collect 15 Good Vibes

Reward: 800 XP, a Loverly Topiary

Raising a Little Love

  • Heal Any Injured Animal

  • Craft 3 Puppy Pillows

  • Tend 50 Baby Sheep

Puppy Pillows are crafting using four Fluffy Stuffings (tend geese or ask friends) and three Cross Stitches (ask friends) each. Finishing this goal to receive 800 XP and three Critter Milk.

The Mystery of Love

  • Collect the Tunnel of Love Daily Bonus

  • Harvest 40 White Roses

  • Sell 10 Adult Loverly Cows

Reward: 800 XP, two Cookies

Pickin' Some Flowers

  • Clear 7 Wildflowers

  • Harvest 50 Red Roses

  • Craft 3 Romantic Bouquets

Romantic Bouquets can be crafted from six White Rose Buds (harvest white roses or ask friends) and three Red Orchid Flowers (ask friends) each. Finish this goal to receive 800 XP and a Loverly Hedge.

He Cleans Up Good

  • Collect 2 Tailor Shop Daily Bonuses

  • Craft 3 Loverly Cowboy Hats

  • Tend 40 Adult Oxen on your Homestead

The Cowboy Hats are crafted using seven Badger Felts (tend badgers or ask friends) and five Hat Forms (ask friends) each. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 800 XP, a Romantic Cowboy Hat unlock for your avatars and a Loverly Butterflies item.

Choc' Full O' Love

  • Harvest 30 Chocolate Heart Bushes

  • Tend 45 Adult Cows

  • Harvest 20 Peppermint Trees

Rewards: 800 XP, three Cow Ready Boosts

Save the Date

  • Collect 3 Tunnel of Love Daily Bonuses

  • Tend 40 Adult Goats

  • Collect 12 Stable Shovels

Rewards: 800 XP, one Oleander Tree

An Old Fashion Wooin'

  • Collect 2 Saloon Daily Bonuses

  • Collect 2 Ponderosa Lodge Bonuses

  • Collect 20 Family Stories

Rewards: 800 XP, one Granny's Gut Punch

Oyster? I Hardly Know 'Er

  • Find 5 Lemon Rinds

  • Craft 4 Oyster Dinners

  • Tend 30 Pomegranate Trees

Lemon Rinds come from harvest Lemon Trees. Meanwhile, the Oyster Dinners are crafted using five Oysters (ask friends) and 10 Picnic Food (tend adult cows, apple trees and wheat, or ask friends) each. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 800 XP, two Lemon Tree ready boosts and a Loverly Picnic item.

Life is a Happy Song

  • Craft 3 Wrought Iron Fences

  • Place Romantic Bandstand on Homestead

  • Clear 25 Debris

The Wrought Iron Fences are crafted using four Refined Iron (clear rocks) and five Iron Work Hammers (chop oak trees) each. When you complete this goal, you'll earn 800 XP and a Wrought Iron Heart Gate.

This is the Night

  • Collect 5 Tunnel of Love Daily Bonuses

  • Consume three Green Lightning

  • Harvest 50 Pink Roses

The Green Lightning is a crafting item made inside your Saloon. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 800 XP and a Molten Cake.

As you finish these goals, you'll unlock new items to purchase in the store, like Oleander Trees, Chocolate Heart Bushes and White Orchids (a crop). You'll also be able to send your friends Pomegranate Trees and Loverly (pink and white) Cows from the game's free gifts page. You'll have 55 days to complete all of the goals in this event, so don't worry about rushing through them right away. Good luck!

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