OK! Magazine teams with TeePee to gossip about next big social game

OK! Magazine"You mean you haven't heard about that new Facebook game that's out from OK!?" That's not exactly what you'd expect readers of the UK gossip magazine to gush about to one another, but could it be in the future? Maybe, just maybe, as social games discovery engine TeePee Games and OK! have launched the latter's own social gaming portal, OK! Games, that recommends new games to its readers.

The duo's Facebook app is now live--along with one for Android devices--that suggests social games for its largely female audience to play. The predominantly middle-aged mother player base of social games appears to be the inspiration for the partnership. The magazine's readers can reach OK! Games through its Facebook fan page to interact with their friends, share games and see what games their fellow OK! readers are playing.

"This is a great venture for TeePee Games and it really shows off our proprietary technology and how this can be used by huge consumer brands to engage, on another level, with their audience," TeePee CEO Tony Pearce said in a release. "We're delighted to be partnering with OK! Magazine to launch something truly exciting for their readers. OK! Games will keep their online audience extremely engaged with the brand, and will keep them coming back for more."

We imagine some semblance of TeePee's Geronimo engine, which learns a social gamer's tastes as the player uses the app more often, has taken shape within the OK! Games Facebook app. We'll see whether the same folks who read OK! are the same who enjoy a bit of FarmVille every now and again.
OK! Games app
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