Game of the Day: Mixed Matrix Slingo

mixed matrix slingo game of the day
Today's Game of the Day is a fast-paced variation of Bingo affectionately called Slingo. In Mixed Matrix Slingo, you'll spin to get your numbers, then match them with the numbers on your board. To try get five in a row up, down, sideways or diagonally. You're going to need to look sharp to make all your matches before it's time to spin again. Try to fill up the whole board for extra points! Collect gold coins for extra points. If you roll a joker, you can select any number on the board. Finally, watch out for the red devil who comes and steals away your pins.

Mixed Matrix Slingo is a great combination of skill, strategy, and fun. So if your day needs a change of pace, give Mixed Matrix Slingo a shot!

Click to play Mixed Matrix Slingo!

mixed matrix slingo game of the daymixed matrix slingo game of the day
What was your best score? Were you able to beat my score of 20,000?
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