Google says, 'Fine, we'll make our own games,' teases Play Your World

Google+ Games Play Your World
Google+ Games Play Your World

This here is neither a tit nor tat situation. Google has revealed that the Google Maps team is working on its very own game for the Google+ Games platform. It's called Play Your World, and--based on a 27-second teaser--transforms Google Maps into a game reminiscent of the classic Marble Madness arcade game by Atari.

And, judging from the title, we imagine players will be able to turn any old location in a level to play with.There's a lot to gather from a 27-second video, you know, like how the game will have players guide a tiny ball along the streets and roads of major locations like the Las Vegas Strip and New York City.

Well, that's about it in terms of specifics (aside from that the Google Maps team is using WebGL to make Play Your World), but this marks an interesting turn for Google, which has before now taken a similar stance to Facebook on social games. That being simply curate the platform, and don't get into making your own games.

If anything, this is certainly a unique way to one-up Facebook in the social games world. Whether this marks the start of Google walking down the path of games or this is just a one-off experiment, it's way too early to tell. Play Your World is coming in February.

[Via WebProNews]

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