FarmVille: Lighthouse Cove storage transfer coming soon

Way back in June of 2011, FarmVille farmers finally received the ability to transfer items between their storage sheds in their Home Farms and in English Countryside. While that was all well and good, two other farms have launched since, leaving many farmers (including myself) wondering when that same ability would come to either Lighthouse Cove or Winter Wonderland. Apparently, in the case of Lighthouse Cove, it's right around the corner.

According to a farmer reporting to FVNation, Zynga has started handing out "Lighthouse Cove Licenses" to users that are having trouble with the game's quests or other features, after speaking to Zynga Customer Support. In this gift, players are receiving the ability to transfer items between their Home and Lighthouse Cove farms, in addition to the English Countryside (if you completed those goals way back when). The tipster is reporting that Zynga's customer support agents tell players that this item will soon launch in the game for 25 Farm Cash, and that an option for Winter Wonderland would come over the next weeks and months.

So rejoice farmers! While this Lighthouse Cove License may not currently be available in the Lighthouse Cove marketplace as of this writing, isn't it a great feeling to at least know that it's coming? So now, all you have to do is collect enough shovels to really make your Lighthouse Cove storage viable, while we all wait for Winter Wonderland to join the party as well.

Are you excited to hear that storage transfer is finally coming to Lighthouse Cove? Share your excitement with us in the comments!