FarmVille Crop Mastery Billboard: Everything you need to know

While many farmers (myself included) may like collecting crop mastery signs in FarmVille, it's no question that after you've collected a few dozen, they can start to take up precious space on your farm(s). With farm space being in short supply to enthusiastic farmers, it's about time that we see a feature released that allows us to store our crop mastery signs so that we can still show off our progress, but aren't forced to hide them away in our storage sheds just to save space. This is now the case with the Crop Mastery Billboard.

The Crop Mastery Billboard is a long and slender item, taking up about as much space as a few mastery signs normally would. It's just a frame to start, and you'll need to collect eight each of Light Plywood, White Overalls and Black Lights to finish it off. These items can be purchased individually for a single Farm Cash, or you can ask your friends to send them to you.

When you finish the first stage of the Crop Mastery Billboard, you'll be able to hold just 10 Crop Mastery Signs inside. This can of course be expanded by collecting more and more building ingredients like those above, and then eventually Paper, Wallpaper Paste and Rollers.

Unfortunately, this Mastery Billboard will only hold Crop Mastery signs, but if this goes over well with the userbase (which I suspect it will), it's incredibly likely that we'll see Animal and Tree Mastery Billboards released in the future as well. If that ends up being the case, we'll make sure to let you know.

Will you immediately go to work collecting parts to expand your Crop Mastery Billboard, or did you sell off your collection of crop mastery signs long ago? Sound off in the comments.