Empires & Allies Alcatraz promotion offers free island prison for your empire

When it comes to Zynga, cross-promotions with other major companies are nothing new, as FarmVille and CityVille regularly receive visits from department stores (Best Buy) or credit card companies (Discover), as just two examples. Empires & Allies is getting on the act now as well, with a promotion for the new television show Alcatraz.

When you login to your empire, you'll see the news story pop-up, alerting you to the launch of this promotion in your game. What does it entail exactly? Not a lot, actually. You'll simply be able to place this Alcatraz item in your empire, with it only being available to place over water tiles (yes, it truly is an island). From there, clicking on the item appears to do nothing, and you're left with a decorative piece that has an Alcatraz sign and Fox flag (the television show's channel) waving in the virtual breeze.

Is this item worth actually placing in your waters? Considering that you can also place defensive units in that water, and this takes up quite a bit of space, that will ultimately be up to you. Personally, I like limited edition items such as these, so I gladly made some space in the corner of one of my expansion squares, but the choice is yours.

Will you place this Alcatraz island in your empire in Empires & Allies? Sound off in the comments.
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