Elin Nordegren Bulldozed $12 Million Mansion Due to Bugs

When Tiger Woods' ex-wife, Swedish supermodel Elin Nordegren, bulldozed the $12 million Palm Beach home that she bought with some of her $100 million divorce settlement, some in the media went wild.

"For a private woman who suffered one of the world's most humiliating cheating scandals, Nordegren waited a long time to explode ... or implode, rather," Zillow proclaimed, quoting a report on TMZ. The celebrity gossip site had pronounced Nordegren a "human wrecking machine" for leveling her brand new Florida mansion simply because she didn't like the place, and because, well, "she could." Fox News also echoed the TMZ story, reporting that "Nordegren bought a $12 million Florida mansion -- just so she could knock it down." And it goes on.

But it turns out that those allegations have not proven to be exactly true.

While Nordegren did indeed give orders to tear down the 17,000-square-foot, six-bedroom mansion (which boasted an in-ground pool and an elevator), apparently the reason behind her "bold decision" was not revenge, anger or boredom. It was termites.

Nordegren's builder, Dan Reedy of Onshore Construction and Development, told People that the $12 million home, built in the 1920s, was infested with termites and carpenter ants and, furthermore, wasn't built to today's hurricane code.

Reedy told People, "We had an architect and a structural engineer out here and everyone agreed that it made more sense -- structurally and economically -- to tear it down and start over."

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Elin Nordegren house

Apparently Nordegren had the home disassembled and donated the parts that were still usable.

The latest reports have also revealed that Nordegren did in fact like the house, contrary to what some have claimed. In fact, the Swedish supermodel is said to have liked it so much that the new house she's building replicates the one that she tore down.

A rendering of its plans reveals that the "new" home, like the bulldozed one, features a distinctive traditional/colonial style and very similar structure.

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Elin Nordegren Bulldozed $12 Million Mansion Due to Bugs

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Beverly Hills, Calif. clocks in at number one for average square feet. Not particularly surprising considering its status as the country's iconic luxury haven. This $2.895 million mid-century modern is listed $1 million above the area's average home price, but it delivers the typical amount of space you see in Tinseltown.

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Well, turns out Malibu actually tops Beverly Hills on the median-home price meter, even though Beverley Hills beats Malibu by a cool 1,000 square feet when it comes to average home size. Overlooking La Costa Beach, this stunner stares out into sweeping Pacific blue. You can suck in the views through floor-to-ceiling glass windows or on its spacious deck, which practically positions you over the surf. 

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Even though it's roughly the size of you average home in D.C., this house's location accounts for its exorbitant price. 

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The home has an elegant color scheme with gleaming hardwood floors and cream walls, suggesting that -- unlike many homes in the area -- sometimes-studying frat boys at the esteemed university nearby have not lived in it recently. 

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Location: Atlanta, Ga.
Average Home Size: 2,074 Sq Ft
Median Home Price: $149,900 

This Home: $100,000
Beds/Baths: 3/2
Sq Ft: 2,140

A house this size comes a little cheaper down South. In this case, $100,000 buys a average-sized home for the area. The price per square foot is only $47. Clocking in at $742 per square foot, our Beverly Hills pick dwarfs that ratio.  

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The single family has a spacious kitchen with a marble-topped island and cherry-stained cabinets. It also offers quite a bit of lawn in the front and back. 

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This Home: $127,950
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The fact that the home is a foreclosure probably explains why it has such a cheap price tag. According to the National Association of Realtors, foreclosures are typically discounted by around 20 percent. Pictured here is the home's well-apportioned kitchen. 

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This Home: $305,000
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Dallas has the fifth lowest average home size on our list, suggesting that not everything is bigger in Texas. Priced at $305,000, this home is on the higher end of those that hover around the city's average size. 

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This Home: $279,000
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The Mile High City is relatively expensive, with a median price of $245,000. This home is a fair representation of what you might expect in town, both in price and size. The three-bedroom bungalow has a total of 1,368 square feet. 

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This Home: $289,900
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Though it was built in 1910, the home has quite a modern feel. The listing skillfully highlights this trait with elegant decor and furnishings. 

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This Home: $1.469 million
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The kitchen has custom cabinets and porcelain floors. There's also a study area and master suite with two walk-in closets and a marble bath.

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Average Home Size: 1,124
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This Home: $175,000
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Sq Ft: 1,250

No big surprise here. The Big Apple takes a giant bite out of your wallet. Malibu and Beverley Hills may have some of the  largest homes on the list, but Manhattan's luxe digs come in small packages. Located way uptown, this unfurnished apartment is about as affordable as it gets on the island.   

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Offering four bedrooms (but just one bathroom), the apartment seems tailor-made for an up-and-comer trying to make it in the big city.

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