CityVille Red Envelope Store: Everything you need to know

Chinese New Year is coming up later this month, and it looks like CityVille will get in on the celebration with a new Red Envelope feature. We've seen the start of that feature via a sort of sneak peek in the form of the Red Envelope Store. You'll be able to place this building from a pop-up window in the game, and from there can complete its construction using 15 building ingredients:

3 Gold Ribbon
3 Scissors
3 Ribbons
3 Gold Ink
3 Red Paper

Once you collect these parts, you'll have a standard, level one Red Envelope Store that allows you to earn one Red Envelope each time you collect from it. You can also upgrade this building to Levels 2 and 3 using the same building materials, but five and seven of each for each level, respectively.

As you level up the Red Envelope Store, you can gather more Red Envelopes each time you collect from it. Level 2 gives you two Envelopes and so on. You'll need these Envelopes for a future feature in the game, one that will allow you to earn special, limited edition rewards in the process. We'll make sure to let you know what those items are, just as soon as the rest of this feature launches in the game. Until then, start building your own Red Envelope Store and stock up on as many of these Envelopes as you can!

What do you think of the Red Envelope Store in CityVille? What sorts of rewards do you hope are given away as part of this feature? Sound off in the comments.