CastleVille: Embrace the cold of winter with new ice items

Brr! It's cold outside, and in CastleVille too! Instead of running from the cold, and covering up in warm blankets or standing next to a fireplace, why not embrace it, at least virtually, and purchase some of the many ice-themed items available in the market? We're here with a complete look at these items, so follow along as we go through them!

Cute Yeti Hat - 10 Crowns
Fluffy Yeti Blouse - 8 Crowns
Fuzzy Yeti Skirt - 8 Crowns
Hairy Yeti Hat - 10 Crowns
Hairy Yeti Legs - 8 Crowns
Hairy Yeti Suit - 8 Crowns
Iced Carriage - 10 Crowns

Frozen Cottage - 32 Crowns
Frozen Farmhouse - 35 Crowns
Pink Mink - 40 Crowns
White Mink - 40 Crowns
Yeti Tracks - 2,000 coins

Unfortunately, the Yeti Tracks are the only item available for coins thus far in this ice theme. While we're not sure when exactly this "limited time" event will end, I wouldn't be surprised if additional items (specifically coin items) launched before all is said and done. We'll make sure to let you know if and when that does happen, so keep checking back!

Do you like these Yeti costume items for your avatar, or will you purchase the cute Mink animals instead? Sound off in the comments!