Playfish: Sorry for The Sims Social quest issues, have 500 Social Points


Every once in a while, it's fun when the game developer makes a no-no. This time, Playfish apologized to The Sims Social players not for a bug, but a legitimate mistake made by whomever crafted the game's most recent quest: Curiouser and Curiouser. According to Playfish community manager Bevypoo, the hang-up was the requirement to trim grass.

Apparently, waiting for grass to grow in order to trim it for Part 3 of the quest was, frankly, a pain in the ass for many a player. (In fact, a few of our lovely readers said as much following our quest guide.) In short, grass takes way too damn long to grow back in order for it to be trimmed, and thus makes this quest a pain. But Playfish wants to make it up to you folks.

"We did not realize until the quest went live that so many players would have cleared the grass already," an excerpt from Bevypoo's message reads. "But we've learnt from it and for any future quests that ask you to do this we'll be bringing in a new function whereby you can visit your friends' house to cut their grass too. This will make it loads easier for everyone."

Playfish also promises that a number of new daily quests are on the way. But even better, Bevypoo posted a link through which The Sims Social players can score a sweet 500 Social Points for their troubles. Now, that's how you say sorry. Get your free Social Points right here, and good luck completing this quest.

[Image Credit: CheeseBlarg]

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