Pioneer Trail Player Appreciation Week starts with free Cocoa Cow

It was only last November that Zynga launched Player Appreciation Week in Pioneer Trail, offering players a variety of rewards as a way to say thank you for their patience (and apologize for the game's many issues). Apparently, the developer still doesn't feel that users are being appreciated enough, as another Player Appreciation Week has launched in the game.

While we're not sure just how many rewards will come this week, we do know that the first reward is a free Cocoa Cow. However, you'll need to actually claim it manually, as it won't simply show up in your inventory. Luckily, we have the link for you to claim your very own Cocoa Cow! All you'll need to do is click on this link right here.

Once you get into your game, you'll find the Cocoa Cow in your inventory. We'll make sure to let you know if any other exciting items show up during this week, or if the game itself receives any changes to say thanks to players. Keep checking back with us!

Are you excited to receive your free Cocoa Cow in Pioneer Trail? What other items do you hope Zynga gives away to players this week? Sound off in the comments.